Medicine for the Greater Good (MGG) – is a resident curriculum at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center that introduces residents to socioeconomic barriers faced by our patients in hopes to reduce health disparities faced by our community.

Residents at Johns Hopkins Bayview learn about socioeconomic barriers by bringing the hospital into the community through our various projects and initiatives, some of which were designed by the residents.

MGG has many projects and initiatives to encourage and promote medical education in the surrounding Baltimore area. We often work in partnership with other organizations that have similar goals of promoting wellness and decreasing health disparities in East Baltimore.

MGG is a unique partnership between Johns Hopkins, the City of Baltimore and its citizens. A “medical peace corps,” MGG volunteers work with schools, churches and community centers to promote good health practices, such as discussions about diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer screening, diet and exercise.

geographic-reachMGG volunteers hail from across Hopkins’ schools and disciplines, including the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and School of Nursing, undergraduates at the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus, the Carey Business School and the Peabody Institute.

Medicine for the Greater Good, located on the Johns Hopkins Bayview campus in East Baltimore, has reached 23 districts in Baltimore City and continues to grow! Our outreach is possible because of many medical residents, our partners and, of course, our community. Thank you to all of our friends and neighbors who have joined us in the fight to a better, healthier, Baltimore!

What’s Happening:

  1. Recently, MGG sponsored seven MERIT students for an initiative aimed at enhancing their social engagement skills. It is our hopes that these social engagement skills will be used to help attenuate the social burdens of health disparities that these students faced. The program finished with poster presentations where two of the three award winners were MGG sponsored students.
  2. ust this week, we had a meeting with Rev. King about having another Poe Homes’ Initiative to encourage a healthy start to the school year. We were excited to have this meeting at the site of the Baltimore Christian Warriors’ practice with , where we got to see the amazing work that Rev. King has done to keep the kids in West Baltimore safe and off the streets through marching in a band!
  3. MERIT partnered with MGG for an art therapy depression initiative. Over the course of six weeks, students painted pictures as a form of therapy and stress relief. At the end of the six weeks, one student wished to have an art exhibit to display the incredible work the students had done.